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Madison Area
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Nummelin Testing Services, Inc
Do you have the soils information you need
for your next construction project?
NTS provides subsurface exploration and sampling
for geotechnical purposes and well installations
using the following equipment and methods:
4" Solid-Stem Augers
2.25", 3.25", 4.25"
Diamond-Bit Rock Coring
Exploration Methods
Hollow-Stem Augers
2" Diameter Split-Spoon
3" Diameter Shelby Tube
4", 6" Pavement Coring
AX, NQ Rock-Core
Sampling Methods
CME 55: Truck-Mounted Rig, Min. Req'd Clearance to
Drilling Rigs
Drill: 8' Width, 28' Length, 25' Height
CME 55 HD: Heavy-Duty Truck-Mounted Rig, Min. Req'd
Clearance to Drill: 9' Width, 36' Length, 32' Height
CME 550: ATV Rubber-Tired Rig, Min. Req'd Clearance to
Drill: 8' Width, 24' Length, 18' Height
When scheduling exploration, it is important to remember
that all utilities at the site must be marked prior to drilling.
Marking by Digger's Hotline generally takes 3 working days.
(All Rigs Equipped With Automatic-Trip Hammers)
Test Pits